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non electric aroma diffuser「Lei」

non electric aroma diffuser 「 Lei 」


ノンエレクトリック アロマデュフューザー

non electric aroma diffuser "Lei" is a completely new type of aroma diffuser.
The feature of this product is a new genre of "non-electric", which generates electricity from the flame of a candle without a power source, creating a gentle breeze to diffuse the fragrance. (Patented invention)
The elegantly-spinning feathers, fine fragrance, and flickering of the flames that soothes your mind will enter into the communication between people to produce a more relaxing space.
We also ensure that the materials can be recycled as resources even after the product has served its purpose.

Good Design Award (Japan) Winner
iF Design Award 2021(Germany) Winner
Red Dot Design Award 2021(Germany) Winner
Silver A’ Design Award 2021 (Italy) Winner
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021 (Hong Kong) Grand Award with Special Mention Winner
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021 (Hong Kong) Gold Award Winner
JID AWARD 2021 Product Award (Gold award of the Product category) Winner
Sky Design Award 2021 Gold Award
Dezeen Design Award 2021 Longlisted
non electric aroma diffuser 「 Lei 」は、
本製品の特徴は、電源を使わずにろうそくの炎で発電し、ゆるやかな風を起こして香りを拡散させる「non electric」という新たなジャンル。(発明特許取得済)。
HP : lei-aroma.com
TEL : 0570-000-725
映像Direction and Cinematography:Hiraoka Shoko

グッドデザイン賞(日本) 受賞
iF デザイン・アワード 2021(ドイツ) 受賞
reddot・アワード 2021(ドイツ) 受賞
A デザイン・アワード 2021(イタリア) SILVER賞 受賞
DFA design for asia awards 2021(香港) Grand Award with Special Mention(大賞) 受賞
DFA design for asia awards 2021(香港) GOLD AWARD 受賞
JID AWARD 2021 プロダクト部門賞(プロダクト部門の金賞) 受賞

Sky Design Award 2021 GOLD AWARD 受賞
Dezeen Design Award 2021 Longリスト 受賞

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